“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.” – Lao Tzu

There is a growing trend toward heart-centered leadership, a striving for balance in our careers and families, a seeking of a more simple life while trying to understand our places in this complex and interconnected world.  The longing originates from our heart, mind, and spirit willing us to work in unison with our authentic purpose and to make a difference.  We observe a strong desire for deeper connections and the sharing of ideas and skill sets to solve the many challenges we face, whether we are at the office, the town meeting or the kitchen table.

Shift to Center is a collaborative project born of the desire to find answers to shared questions about being a leader in today’s world.  We come together as a diverse group of colleagues with backgrounds in business, education and counseling to create this forum for expressing ideas, methods and practices that help us live better lives and lead others from a more centered and balanced state. We agreed to work meaningfully together, collectively and collaboratively, with open hearts and minds to explore the many possibilities not yet revealed.

Transformation of any kind begins with awareness and a willingness to shift perspective as new information shows us the way. We believe we are all in this amazing journey together and that, collectively, we can navigate the changes needed to make our world a better place today.  On these pages we are sharing some personal expressions of what it means to us to lead from the center of our being. We welcome all who land here and invite you to share your own thoughts here, joining with us in community to explore and actualize what it means to shift to our center.